Mehdi Benallal

Driven by a deep passion for music, Mehdi Benallal uses digital marketing expertise to bring live performances to new audiences. For this entrepreneur and event promoter, music serves as a powerful tool to both inspire audiences and teach lessons on cultural diversity and history. In addition to running a nonprofit organization dedicated to this mission, he has served as musical director for cultural outreach programs supported by the U.S. Embassy in Belgium.  

About Mehdi “I love Belgium because there’s so much diversity.”

Mehdi finds that his own multicultural heritage deeply influences his life. Having a Beligan mother and a Moroccan father shapes his worldview: “I’m constantly trying to put two different cultures together.”  Medhi also appreciates the broad cultural diversity found in Brussels where there are “influences you can’t find in many cities in the world,” he says. “You can meet the entire world in this city.” 

Ultimately, Mehdi believes cultural diversity is a precious resource available to anyone – one that he works to share through promoting live musical performances. “Anywhere you go, everybody loves music,” he says. “Not necessarily the same style of music, but everybody loves music.” 

Learning through Listening

To put his passion for music and education to work, Mehdi founded the nonprofit organization which focuses on promoting music with African-American roots. “Music is an incredible tool to bring people together, and so is education,” he explains. “So when you combine the two you have a stellar combination.” 


“By sharing good music, you have a positive impact on those around you.”

Through dedication and a strong work ethic, Mehdi fulfills his ongoing mission to inspire and educate audiences through a variety of musical styles and genres. For example, he has also initiated a project called Music Events to promote local musicians in Brussels.  “It’s good to be ambitious,” he explains, but he also values building a team by “connecting with people who have more experience than you do.” 


Finding Common Ground

Always eager to bring music to new audiences, Mehdi collaborated with the U.S. Embassy of Belgium on cultural outreach programs as a program and music coordinator. One three-day project presented live performances and lectures focused on the history of American music to students of diverse backgrounds across Belgium. The project “connected today’s music to the history of African-American music,” Mehdi explained. “Bringing American musicians in contact with young students is an amazing experience.” 

“I love merging education with music.”

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