This is the Belgium of today – and tomorrow – told through the individual stories of people who inspire us. Their vision for their country embraces diversity of thought, opinion, culture, race, gender, language and religion. They also share the experience of participating in a U.S. Embassy-sponsored exchange or grant program.



These are the stories of everyday Belgians who are doing extraordinary things. All of them have been supported by U.S. Embassy programs or have traveled on Embassy-sponsored exchange programs to the United States. We’re so inspired by their work
across all sectors that we didn’t want to keep their stories all to ourselves, but to share them with you.

“My Life My Belgium” is a mosaic of portraits that together tell the story of Belgium today – and tomorrow. In their own words, these individuals share their hopes and dreams for themselves, and for their country. They discuss what inspires them, and share their views on identity and what it means to be Belgian in the 21 st century. Our aim is to portray the beauty of diversity and the commonality among us. At the same time, we hope you will learn more about the U.S. Embassy, our programs, and the story of our partnership with Belgium.

Our logo explained

Our logo and style for My Life My Belgium is based on a mosaic of colors, like a patchwork, reflecting the diversity of our alumni community.

Colorful pins used to mark places on a map are also an inspiration. We pinpoint places in the United States, each with their own significance, linked to a particular exchange program.


“Promote tolerance, diversity and shared values through stories told by a diverse group of Belgians who have participated in a program sponsored by the U.S. Embassy to the Kingdom of Belgium.’


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the Public Diplomacy section of the U.S. Embassy to Belgium.


Your life your Belgium?

Make it your own story!

Are you someone making a difference in Belgium, just like these people? Then we would love to hear from you! Take a look at our U.S. Embassy programs and see which ones will help you do extraordinary things.

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