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This is the Belgium of today – and tomorrow – told through the individual stories of people who inspire us. Their vision for their country embraces diversity of thought, opinion, culture, race, gender, language and religion. They also share the experience of participating in a U.S. Embassy-sponsored exchange or grant program.

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Featured stories

Arts & Culture

Fatena Al Ghorra

In 2017 the U.S. Embassy in Brussels nominated Fatena Al Ghorra to participate in the University of  Iowa’s International Writing Program as a Belgian writer of the Arab diaspora. Fatena’s passion in life is writing poetry from the heart.

Arts & Culture

Melat Nigussie

Meet Melat! An Ethiopian-Belgian living in Brussels with a heart for writing and activism. She participated in an IVLP to Washington DC, NYC, Charlotte CA, Santa Fe NM, and San Diego, CA


Steven Decraene

Steven Decraene is a journalist for the public broadcaster VRT. Whatever happens in the world he gets dispatched and reports on it. Steven participated in an International Visitors Leaders Program.


Sihame El Kaouakibi

Social entrepreneur Sihame El Kaouakibi participated in an IVLP in 2014 and has since then, in addition to her already successful Let’s Go Urban! project, launched various other projects.


Jasna Rokegem

Combining innovative technologies with interactive fashion, Jasna Rokegem was chosen as global entrepreneur of 2017 by the US Embassy and participated in the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in India.


Hannah Leyns

Hannah is a teacher in Molenbeek, and an Alumni coordinator at TADA Toekomst Atelier de l’Avenir where she inspires underprivileged kids to become role models and reach their full potential.


Romina Van Camp

As TV journalist at the foreign news desk, Romina Van Camp was the perfect candidate for an International Visitors Leadership Program on the 2016 elections.


Alexandra Smarandescu

Together with 125 girls from 25 different countries, chairwoman of the Flemish Youth Council and law student Alexandra participated in the Women2Women conference in Boston.

Our programs

Sports Visitor Program

The sports visitors programs are sports-themed exchange programs that take place over two weeks. The programs include activities and sessions on nutrition, strength and conditioning, gender equity in sport, Title IX, sport and disability, and team building.

Fulbright program

The Fulbright Program is the leading international educational exchange program sponsored by the U.S. government. It is designed to better mutual understanding between the people of the United States and the people of other countries. In addition to exchange programs, competitive, merit-based grants are also awarded annually in most fields of study.

Alumni Outreach Program

Alumni of U.S. Government-sponsored exchange programs are invited to propose innovative projects, for which they many receive grants.

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