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This is the Belgium of today – and tomorrow – told through the individual stories of people who inspire us. Their vision for their country embraces diversity of thought, opinion, culture, race, gender, language and religion. They also share the experience of participating in a U.S. Embassy-sponsored exchange or grant program.

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Featured stories


Hannah Leyns

Hannah is a teacher in Molenbeek, and an Alumni coordinator at TADA Toekomst Atelier de l’Avenir where she inspires underprivileged kids to become role models and reach their full potential.

Civic Engagement

Jens Depelchin

Jens Depelchin is passionate about people. He’s active in civic engagement at !DROPS. They work on projects empowering refugees in Belgium.

Civic Engagement

Hendrikje Meyvis

Hendrikje is project designer at !Drops and works on a lot of projects with refugees. One of these projects, Connected.Dots, was with the support of the US Embassy.

Arts & Culture

Sarah Avci

Sarah is a socially engaged activist and an expert on gender equality and ethnicity. In 2007 she went on an IVLP KARAMAH Leadership Exchange Course.


Kimia Anousheh

Kimia participated in a 4 week program called Benjamin Franklin Transatlantic Fellowship (BFTF) “I made friendships for life with people from all around the world.” Kimia testifies.

Civic Engagement

Taoufik Amzile

Taoufik Amzile is a Belgian-Moroccan, socially engaged Muslim entrepreneur. He’s really passionate about helping disadvantaged Brussels’ youth jump start their professional careers.


Jasna Rokegem

Combining innovative technologies with interactive fashion, Jasna Rokegem was chosen as global entrepreneur of 2017 by the US Embassy and participated in the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in India.

Civic Engagement

Imane Bakkioui

Even though Imane Bakkioui is only 21, she already participated in 2 embassy sponsored programs: Women to Women (W2W) and the International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP)

Our programs

Benjamin Franklin Transatlantic Institute (BFTF)

The Benjamin Franklin Transatlantic institutes are intensive summer exchange programs hosted by a U.S. college or university. The programs are academic in nature, focusing specific theme relating to a global issue. Exchange typically last 4 weeks.

Global Sports Mentoring Program

The Global Sports Mentoring Program provides one-month mentorship experiences. The experiences focus on empowering emerging leaders to serve their local communities by increasing access to sports and opportunities for sports participation.

Grants Program

The office of Public Diplomacy manages the U.S. Embassy in Brussels grants program. The Grants Program assists non-profit, educational and cultural organizations to implement programs that advance U.S.-Belgium ties.

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