Caroline Lembe

Caroline Lembe is an energetic and versatile athlete. Discovering boxing changed her life, she says. The Global Sports Mentoring Program empowered her to help other women experience the same. “I would be happy and just say that `okay I've done my job,’ if I helped people realize that they should just take the lead, be leaders in their own life.”

About Caroline “I was surrounded by people who I looked up to and it just confirmed my beliefs that I could do it.”

The Global Sports Mentoring Program (GSMP) is a one-month mentorship experience that helps individuals learn how to empower underserved communities through sports. Changemakers from all over the world get together to learn how to positively impact their societies. Mentors help participants improve their management and business skills. “GSMP was an exchange program with the focus on the empowering this international group of female leaders who use sports as a tool to create change in their in own environment,” Caroline tells us. “We also were matched with mentors with the same purpose or vision as us.”

Participants develop a sports-based action plan to address a need or a challenge facing girls and women, or people with disabilities, in their home country. Caroline worked with her mentor on a plan to increase the number of role models: “The main goal of the action plan was to provide more role models from different cultural backgrounds in our society. Using boxing as a tool to improve and create more awareness of mental and physical health for women in my environment.”

Caroline tells us the program really left a lasting impact on her that has boosted her confidence.  “I really felt like I was accepted. I had felt insecure, unsure whether it was for me to be there. Because all the women that were there, I really looked up to them despite their different backgrounds and capacities. They made me feel like I was home. So I was like, this was my place to be there. I felt safe and challenged.”

Contributing to people`s lives

Helping people is Caroline’s passion. “I help people in general, if it’s giving advice or lifting you up with your physical or your mental health. That’s actually my passion, so I would like to expand or specialize myself more in the future on that aspect so that I can really give what I want to give to the world,” she explains.

So when we ask about her goals and dreams, it’s no surprise that her focus is on empowerment. “My mission here on earth is complete when I can say that I helped society be more conscious of their capacity and power they have within themselves. So I’m a true believer of empowerment. It’s up to you to decide what you want to do,” Caroline describes. “I would be happy and just say that `okay I’ve done my job` if I helped people realize that they should just, you know, take the lead, be leaders in their own life.”

However, her mission is not done yet. She wants to show how sports belongs to all people, regardless of race, age, background or gender: “In Belgium, there’s still a little lack of people with different backgrounds representing their passion. I would like to see that more, so that the generation after us can say that `wow there is hope.’ Like, ‘I want to be like her’ while disregarding the way she looks or how old she is. That they can see people to look up to, because I have experienced the same. I have been through this program, GSMP, and I was surrounded by people who I looked up to and it just confirmed my beliefs that I could do it.”

You are your own best friend

“I take lead of my own life.”

In Caroline’s case, the program did not miss its goal. “I would say I always stand behind the sentence: when there is no enemy within, there is no enemy outside that can hurt you,” she says. “So, if you have figured out a way to not be an obstacle to yourself than I think life will work out for you. To create the change you need, you must be able to change within you, and then it will happen for you naturally.”

Even when we ask how she defines home, it comes down to taking life in your own hands. “The way I feel actually defines when I feel home. I identify myself as a leader in the sense of `I take lead of my own life.’ I think it’s like, I believe that it is my purpose to give the same sense of focus to other people. You choose whatever you want to do and I just really get passionate about seeing people being passionate about whatever it is they’re doing. So that’s when I feel home.”

Think positive

If you have experience in the sports sector and demonstrate leadership skills you are eligible to participate in this program. Caroline has some great advice: “Be ready to experience the thing that was actually always for you.”

“Keep in mind that your reality also creates your thoughts. So, if you think of yourself as amazing, you’re amazing, and you will attract amazing things. So just create your own reality, think positive and positive things are on your way,” she concludes.

“Be ready to experience the thing that was actually always for you.”

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